About us

LYKTA, your independent partner

Unbiased recommendations

LYKTA's recommendations are independent and unbiased, as we are not influenced by external pressures. We have no affiliations or partnerships with publishers or any other partners.

Contractual protection

We have a dedicated contract in place that ensures the data processed within our collaboration is solely focused on serving your interests.

No conflict of interest

We have no interst in anyone investing in advertising, which ensures that our recommendations are completely free from conflicts of interest.

Our Mission

We help companies to increase their advertising return on investment by connecting data.

Our Vision

Return on investment of marketing is about consistency : internal alignment of activities with business objectives. Externally with identity and purpose.

Meet our experts

We are proud members of MTV Networks

MTV Networks is a group of innovative and talented digital marketing companies that provide managed services and consultancy for ambitious companies. From small startups to big multinational companies, we join forces to assist companies in their digital transformation

Managed digital services for premium brands.

Managed digital services for SMEs.

High level digital business strategy & consulting.

Website and mobile app design and development.

Brand identities and digital solutions development.