TV Performance

and Drive to web

Drive to Web

When you invest in Television as an advertiser, you may have performance KPI’s as objective : website visits, contact forms, application downloads,…

We provide an analysis which count the fall outs of a TV (or radio) campaign on the web

Attribution of visits to a TV spot

If a spot is designed to drive performance, odds are we can see on visits’ logs. We can model the visits and calculate how much came within 3 minutes of the broadcast of a spot.

Alone, visits of a spot are not relevant. But on a campaign or year basis, insights are useful in campaign optimisation.

Clear insights on TV campaign management

This analysis puts the standard TV analysis in perspective. This one generally involves cost management, reach, and GRP analysis. But it does not give any insights into the quality of the broadcast.

We can calculate how many visits are generated by GRP. This ratio gives an insight into ** how effective the advertising campaign stays in time **. A decreasing Visits/GRP ratio means your ad is less effective and something must be changed.$

We can calculate an optimum frequency per channel, a threshold after which one you’re losing money on touching the same person over and over again. If TV viewers do not want more information after viewing a spot 10 times, they probably won’t after 20 and it’s time to test another approach.


This approach performs well with a clear performance strategy :

An action is asked of the viewer, with a proper call to action, and a clear landing page. We do not recommend it for pure brand spots.

Advanced TV analytics

Parallel to the drive to web approach, an advanced TV analysis is useful to understand why a campaign decreases in efficiency. We list reasons why a campaign is more or less expensive, and spread the difference between multiple drivers. Those factors can be grouped as :

Tactical drivers

The execution of the campaign changes its price: the choice of TV channels, prime time ratio, and top & tails, .. can have a significant impact on your final CGRP. Those factors are generally on the media agency side.

We isolate the effect of each and draw clear insights into how the cost per GRP can be decreased.


Strategic drivers

Some factors are more strategic: the audience or target, seasonality of investments, and the duration of the spots,… They are part of the marketing strategy and not inherent to TV strategy.

Those drivers have a significant impact on cost and are generally part of the briefing to media agencies. Therefore, they are generally the advertiser’s responsibility.

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